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About Us

IITS – Integrated Information Technology Support – IITS & Inforich decided in 2011 to jointly invest in R & D to develop the next generation of HIS systems to respond to current and future clinical demands through creating healthcare applications based on the top notch technologies and building the 3rd generation of Healthcare Information Systems.
We created a new platform, new concept and new features to fill all the gaps that the older generations couldnt fill it due to it old technology and platform which makes customisations in healthcare IT difficult .

Our Vision:
The quality Healthcare delivery systems in digital era depends on the concept of “data fluidity”, future Smart Digital Hospitals – SDH will depend on smart information systems that can help to improve healthcare quality, safety, availabilty, and accessabilty through meaningful, beneficiary-focused clinical workflow.

Our Mission:
IITS will provide innovative, smart solutions developed by a team of Healthcare IT experts working closely with clinical advisory board with long experience that can fill the gaps and provide solutions free of fragmentations allowing a more efficient and cost effective capture, process, communication and transfer of information between different devices, systems and multiple institutions.

Why iHIS Pro?

iHIS Pro- Hospital Information System has been designed and developed for all types of Healthcare organizations, to provide the integrated automation and clinical management systems. The solution being reliable and scalable, has been designed keeping in mind today’s complex processing requirements and future clinical demands. The system is developed in a new smart client technology platform and web based environment. iHIS Pro- Hospital Software uses clear and friendly interface based on the new concept ” Simplest Interface for Doctors “ developed by IITS that is considered as revolution in navigation approach allows users to navigate to the context very fast, thus reducing the number of clicks needed to place e-request from 12 clicks “in average” to minimial clicks without the need of open/close multiple pages. The system is designed using .NET, web-architecture and XML as the basic medium for data interchange.

iHIS Pro Hospital Information Systems is designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art technology, aimed at bringing about total quality in patient management. iHIS Pro focuses on excellent coordination between all departments and units within the hospital, making complex clinical workflow simple .In the present healthcare market place, where patient privacy, system integration and connectivity plays major role to enhance patient safety is a major issue, this system corroborates the motto, of being ” Patient centric” through seamless connectivity with robust security and privacy features. The technology, solutions and features are aimed at providing unlimited “scalability in Cloud” Solution provides end-to-end customer service operations and high level of efficiency in recording and information dissemination thus reducing errors.

Unique Features

iHIS Unique Features

  • Simplest user interface with security
  • Clinical Pathway
  • Workflow design based on evidence based treatment
  • Touch Screen enabled
  • Connectivity to physician & patient web portals
  • Connectivity with Medical Devices
  • Latest “smart client” technology
  • Multi-sites Functionality

  • Smart Patient RFID
  • Patient Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Ready HL7 Integration with top RIS/PACS Vendors
  • Multi-lingual application
  • Clinical Applications on smart phones.
  • More than 40 Modules and sub-modules including Billing & Insurance Module.

Great Core Team

Eng. Ehab Arif

Eng. Ehab Arif

General Manager

More than 25 years of experience in the field of IT solutions and Networking.Former IT Technical Support Manager at STC.


Eng. Nishant Nambiar

Eng. Nishant Nambiar

Director – Marketing

IT Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the Sales and Business development .Marketing Expert in Healthcare IT solutions domain


Eng. Vinod Sasi

Eng. Vinod Sasi

Director - Technical

Chief Architect of the healthcare product with more than 15 years of international experience .Innovator in the domain of system architecture, smart applications and connectivity


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Address 1:
N5 Computer City
Near Falasteen Street
Saudi Arabia
Email:[email protected]

Address 2:
Innovation Center – Kaust Research Park
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 560656201, +966 555604041

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